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ADAP has adopted the "World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 200 and beyond" and uses this as a framework to provide ‘Education & Youth Development Programmes' supporting the development of children and young adults living in The Gambia. 


Youth Development

The goal of ADAP’s Youth Development Program is to help youth become fully prepared for transition to adulthood.

Some of our processes include:
Engaging adults and members of the community
Building relationships with adults who can act as mentors
Providing opportunities for young people to pursue their interests
Engaging youth as active leaders and partners in their communities
Providing sexual health education.



Keep in the needs and aspirations of the youth living in Marakisa and its surrounding villages, ADAP has begun the initial stages of building a modern Youth

Development Centre; equipped with the necessary tools and equipment needed for further youth development in the region.

The centre will also provide after-school academic remediation programmes that will address various academic subjects and basic vocational skills training.





Excursions, which we in the west take for granted as part of school life help the youth explore and better understand the wider environment inwhich they live, and to engage in various group activities and further learning.






Student Tuition: Supporting children at various schools and institutions with preparation for further and higher education.



School sponsorships for gifted students, including Orphans & Vulnerable children (OVC)




Working with community leaders and Chiefs; by helping to mobilize members of the local community for educational programmes and workshops, covering various subjects that provide wider learning and understanding towards development issues affecting their community, and how to address such problems should they arise.







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