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About-ADAP2ADAP is an international development organization, which has the aim of enhancing the development of service sectors and personnel within health, education, youth development and the environment, primarily in Africa. Due to the negative effects of 'brain drain' these areas have been severely neglected and remain so.

Our high-impact approach involves bringing people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action, & change lives for the better.





Board of Trustees


Our board of Trustees consists of professionals from various backgrounds and parts of Africa, each bringing with them valued skills and experience, needed for the successful running of the organization.

Chairperson: Mr Segun Fayase (College Lecturer).

Treasurer: Mr Frank Amoako (School Governor and entrepreneur).

Secretary: Mr Ely Wakweika - (Supporting Relations Co-ordinator)

Member: Mr Erwin Owusu-Gyamfi (Patent Counsel).

Member: Dr Lawrence Opong (Physicist)


Operational Team


As an international organization, we have staff working on both sides of the Atlantic that contribute daily towards the successful running of our programmes.


Mr Kwaku Boateng Olaleye (CEO)

  1. Dr David Mensah (Director for Health)
  2. Dr Juliet Gyamfua Appiah (Assistant Director for Health)
  3. Mr Oran Blackwood (Director for Education)
  4. Mr Steven Reynolds (Assistant Director for Education)
  5. Miss Abena Konadu (Director for Youth Development)
  6. Mr Samuel Kofi (Assistant Director for Youth Development)
  7. Mrs Clair Summons (Marketing and Promotions Manager)
  8. Miss Sandra Philips (Events Co-ordinator)

Miss Tracey Jacobs (Administrative Officer)

Mr Lecon Fatinikun (Technical Development Officer)